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Vision Today

January 2021 and the question is: Where Are we Going? Who wins the invisible hand of the race? Global? We must.

Your vision is the focus on the path of growth in a construction of something higher than ourselves not only because we expect a gain but additionally we embrace a journey of corporate discovery of its own limits and achievements with the context of the present and path of the future. Welcome to the world of possibilities where your vision is our commitment. Ines Pires, CEO

Kamzar Investment is proud to announce its new offices in Muscat and Brussels

Who we are

Kamzar Investments by ISPD Group is a dynamic and diversified Business advisory company with an exclusive high-end portfolio of Investment opportunities for high-net-worth individuals, international companies and family offices. We operate across Europe, Southeast Asia, Arabian Gulf, the Middle East, Far East Asia and other corners of the world.


Our group of experts, directors and consultants come from a specialized background across international business and high-end investment, all committed to excellence in serving both our investors portfolio and the investment opportunities.

What we do

We offer reputable Investment opportunities to Investors globally supporting them in their investment cycle.

Choose us

We have an unbeatable expertise across borders, identities and opportunities. We work towards maximisation of each opportunity with a win win approach for the partners, track record International processes and mutual benefits for all parties involved. Our methodology makes us unique.


H.E. Sheikh Nasr Al Hosni | Chairman of the Board

Ines Pires

Chief Executive Officer

Ines Pires is the Chief Executive Officer of Kamzar Investments by ISPD Group. She has advised clients from across the whole range of industries on International Business, reputation and multinational government affairs across languages and business corporate cultures (from china to India to Europe and Africa), but also contributes to current strategic accounts across the company. Ines began her career in economics and politics, working as an economic journalist at the newspaper “Independent” and as head of cabinet of the Vice President of the European Parliament in Brussels; heading up a Brussels-based protocol & diplomacy Institute and think-tank as founder of the ISPD Group and the Innovation in Diplomacy network in 2010 acquired 10 years later by a family private office in the Gulf region. As economist, she serves as consultant and board member of multinationals and adds value as partner in a couple of companies globally. She is a frequent public speaker and lecturer, and speaks French, Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, Italian, and has a good passive know how of few of more languages.

Razana Hosni | Corporate Lawyer

*For our ethical duty and confidentiality rule of privilège, our clients and projects are not shown

Flagship Services

Our flagship services include but not limited to:

  • Investors Portfolio
  • High-End Investments Opportunities
  • Due Diligence
  • Investment Execution Services
  • Corporate Finance Advisory Services
  • Project Financing and Management
  • Corporate Governance and Administration Services
  • Stakeholders Management


Non exhaustive industry sectors in which we are active include:

  • Renewables
  • Banking and Finance
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications
  • European Union & International Organizations

Where Our Offices Located


2822 Way,


Sultanate of Oman


Rue de Pascale,

PO Box 16


Brussels, Belgium




Lisboa Portugal


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